Claro Walnut Burl Accent or Coffee Table w/ Glass Bowl

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Step into the realm of aesthetic wonder with our unique Claro Walnut Burl Accent Table—a piece that transcends functionality to become a captivating conversation starter. Boasting a generous diameter of 40 inches, this table effortlessly seizes attention, establishing itself as the undisputed focal point of your living space.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication is the exquisite glass bowl, a masterpiece skillfully sculpted by the hands of the local artist Paul at “the Forge” in Grants Pass, Oregon. With an impressive width of 18 inches, the bowl introduces an unparalleled touch of artistry, creating a harmonious fusion of wood and glass that is as visually striking as it is inherently unique.

The Claro Walnut Burl, chosen for its exceptional grain patterns and natural allure, ensures that each accent table is not just a piece of furniture but a celebration of the inherent beauty found in the heart of the wood. This remarkable table invites you to experience the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and artistry, promising to be a captivating and functional addition to your living space.

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Weight 60 lbs