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Our wood

From the warm glow of mahogany to the cool elegance of maple, our diverse palette of wood types awaits, ready to bring your custom vision to life in a symphony of grain, color, and texture.

Box Elder

Box Elder is our favorite wood to stain and dye. It takes color easily and accurately. It is a…

California Olive

There is nothing quite like California Olive. Regular cut has long cut lines, but we only use it “cookie-cut”…


Alive with unexpected color and depth from red and yellow to gray blue and cream. Aggressive live edge and…


Maple grows in different varieties all over the country. From ordinary straight grain to bold beautiful burl, maple has…


Walnut is known for quality, and elegance. Walnut is incredibly versatile, with both cool and warm tones, lending perfectly…

Russian Olive

Russian Olive stands out because of its khaki green color. It compares in many ways to Elm in terms…

About Us

F2 is a family-owned business founded by Greg Dahl. This unique business specializes in creating beautiful pieces of art with a combination of hand-chosen burl wood and epoxy. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted to create one-of-a-kind art that is sure to be a conversation starter. Greg’s passion for art and creating unique pieces is evident in every F2 piece. From wall art to countertops, Greg has mastered the art of combining wood and epoxy to create stunning pieces of functional artwork.

What we do

Over the years, our mission has remained the same; we provide the highest level of quality our customers have come to expect.  Our hand chosen burl woods combined with an unparalleled attention to detail allow us to garner the loyalty of our clients.  We help you decide the type of wood, the epoxy quality and color, the design, and we partner with you to bring that vision to life!

Our Projects

The Whimsical Root Door and Headboard
California Olive Countertops
Massive Redwood Table
Florida Custom Home Furnishings


The finished product was beautiful. Great experience working with everyone to have the table I wanted.


Wow! I love the redwood. It’s such a softwood the epoxy resin will help protect it. This is the most beautiful countertop ever.

Kim Ferullo

Greg made us a gorgeous coffee table out of maple burl. No only is it functionable, it is a timeless, unique, one of a…

Lance Risser

We had a few amazing tables made for our office at Dutch Bros Hq and they are incredibly beautiful and unique! They made them…

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