H Type Track Lighting Rails 4PCS 120V Single Circuit 3-Wire H Track Rail, Made of Aluminum

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* Crafted from flame-retardant PVC and aluminum material, guarantees durability and peace of mind. The track combines strength and safety with the convenience of easy customization.
* For those seeking a continuous lighting solution, The track can be seamlessly connected using connectors. Whether you want to extend the track length or create complex lighting setups, The track provides the flexibility you need.
* Installation is a breeze with the 3 wire track system. Simply connect the ground wire, live wire, and zero wire to ensure a safe and reliable power supply. flexible installation options. With a full set of accessories including screw nails and mounting anchors you’ll have everything you need to quickly and securely install your track lighting system.
* The track is perfectly suited for H-type track lights. With broad compatibility, you can integrate it into your existing lighting system, whether it’s for residential or professional use.



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4 Feet, 6 Feet, 8 Feet


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