Maple Sushi Tray

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This hand crafted overall dimension 14 x 5 x 4/8″  (May slightly vary in size) Maple Sushi Trays are finished with a food grade safe oil. Choose your Sushi Tray under “Style”. All of our one of a kind products feature a tastefully embedded Fusion coin on the front or back of the board with the lead artisan, Greg Dahl



Introducing our Simple and Sleek Maple Sushi Tray, a sophisticated fusion of minimalist design and natural elegance. Meticulously crafted from exquisite Walnut, this sushi tray stands as a testament to the inherent beauty found in the simplicity of fine materials.

The sleek contours of the tray, adorned with the captivating patterns of Walnut, create a visual symphony of understated luxury. The wood’s unique grain patterns and warm tones are showcased, turning this functional piece into a work of art that elevates any dining experience.

Adding an extra layer of distinction is our signature coin, seamlessly integrated into the design. Beyond being a mark of authenticity, the coin symbolizes our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. The fusion of the coin with the Maple sushi tray embodies the perfect marriage of artistry and nature, resulting in a piece that is both refined and timeless.

Perfect for serving sushi or other culinary delights, this tray invites you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Whether enhancing your dining table or becoming a focal point in your culinary presentations, the Simple and Sleek Figured Walnut Sushi Tray offers a tasteful blend of form and function. Experience the understated allure of this tray, where each detail is a celebration of the natural elegance found in Maple wood.


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