The Unicorn – A Table that Defied the Norm and Stole Our Hearts

I can’t tell you where the story started, but the magical rebirth began the day she arrived at our shop. The raw burl wood was beautiful from the start for sure, but her true magic has been revealed a little more each day as our artists have worked to expose her inner beauty.

In a world of beauty centered on symmetry, this piece refuses to comply. Her raw, natural edge will never align with the ordinary. We measured and mapped her unique dimensions to find her balance, carved space, and gave her legs to stand on.
Sanding her rough exterior laid bare her imperfections. Meticulously filling her cracks with epoxy resin, the artists transformed her vulnerabilities into strength.
Applying the finish was the last step before her coming out. Mysterious patterns emerged. Our team admiring this burl wood epoxy table as a finished product were like children spotting creatures in the clouds on a summer afternoon. A genie! A whale! A dinosaur face! A unicorn! What? Oh yes. The last character to be discovered on the surface of this great table established her name as “The Unicorn.”
I can honestly say that it was difficult to say good-bye to this piece (she would have looked perfect as the centerpiece in our office), but the best part of the this story was yet to unfold – the face of our client as she gazed upon her vision in living color for the first time.